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Higher indicative price Agrico for the 2023 harvest

April 30, 2024 - Jesse Torringa

The Dutch seed potato trading house Agrico has announced the average indicative price to 'its' growers. This amounts to €43.20 per 100 kilos in the 28 millimeter and above category, while Agrico also presents its own indicative price for the oversize sorting due to the large quantity of oversize from the 2023 harvest. Additionally, the cooperative has ultimately been able to deliver almost all contract volumes.

Yesterday (Monday, April 29), Agrico announced the indicative price for the 2023 harvest to growers. Every year, the cooperative presents the price in the 28 millimeter and above category, or a price for the fully delivered yield per hectare including the delivered oversize. This indicative price amounts to €43.20 per 100 kilos. Last year (2022 harvest) it was €35.50. The indicative price for seed potato size amounts to €51.40 per 100 kilos.

Own indicative price for oversize
Due to the large quantity of oversize this year, there is also an own indicative price for the oversize sorting. This amounts to €28.50 per 100 kilos. This price includes a range of approximately €4 downwards for the oversize delivered as consumption and €4 upwards for the oversize delivered as seed potatoes.

Price development of the past five years split into seed size, oversize, and 28+. Source: Agrico

Almost all contract volumes delivered
According to the cooperative, the sales this season were very challenging. Overseas exports were disappointing due to the low production in the seed potato size while prices rose significantly as a result. The European market, on the other hand, was demanding throughout the year and high prices were also achieved here. Despite the seed potato shortage, Agrico has 'ultimately been able to deliver almost the quantities of the contract volumes' to its growers, the trading house informs in the message. Managing director Mark Zuidhof states in the message that the entire stock of seed potatoes in size has been sold and therefore also a large part of the oversize. "The demand was so high that we were also able to sell a large part of the oversize as seed potatoes".

The average yield per hectare decreased by 5% and amounts to 40.5 tons per hectare. The percentage of oversize amounted to 36%. In the 2022 harvest, it was 14.5%.

Size sorting of Agrico in recent cultivation years. Source: Agrico

Cultivation season 2024: rising price
Zuidhof also comments on the market for the 2024 harvest. Growers can expect a rising price again. "The sentiment for the 2024 harvest is positive. In our negotiations with the industries, we see a further rising price. Additionally, following the product group meetings, Agrico has decided to be cautious in the volumes that are secured."

Jesse Torringa

Jesse Torringa is a market specialist in seed potatoes and organic potatoes, onions, and carrots at DCA Market Intelligence.

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