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Müller makes a big move on the British dairy market

June 5, 2024 - By our team of market reporters

The German dairy company Müller has made a move on the British dairy market. The company announced today (Wednesday, June 5) that it is acquiring Yew Tree Dairy. Yew Tree is one of the largest family-owned dairy businesses in Great Britain, processing approximately 2 million liters of milk annually.

The acquisition amount has not been disclosed. Yew Tree Dairy, located in Skelmersdale (West Lancashire), produces fresh milk and cream. After significant investments in recent years following the removal of the European milk quota, the company has also specialized in milk powder production.

Müller's main goal with the purchase of Yew Tree Dairy is to expand the export of milk powder from the United Kingdom. Once the deal is finalized, pending approval from the British competition authorities, Müller intends to make substantial investments to further expand the capacity of the milk powder factory in Skelmersdale.

Remaining attractive to raw material suppliers
Müller aims not only to enhance its market position in the United Kingdom but also to remain attractive to British dairy farms as suppliers of the raw material milk. Rob Hutchison, CEO at Müller Milk & Ingredients, stated in a commentary on the announced acquisition, "This significant investment in the British dairy industry underscores our ambition to grow Müller and build a better future for the sector."

According to Hutchison, Great Britain is an excellent location for dairy farming and has a strong reputation for quality, welfare standards, and sustainability. "This acquisition enables us to respond to the growth in global dairy consumption, seize additional export opportunities, and continue to strengthen the resilience of the supply chain," he added.