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Dutch milk production in May slightly below 2023 level

June 12, 2024 - Klaas van der Horst

The Dutch milk supply in May this year has decreased by over 20 million kilograms compared to the supply in May of last year. That is a difference of 1.6 percentage points. The milk is thinner.

However, compared to April, there is an increase in milk supply, by 2.86 percentage points.

Not only is the decline in milk supply limited on a monthly basis compared to last year, but cumulatively the decline until May is limited: 1.29 percentage points. What is noticeable is that the milk is getting thinner. This is not unusual at the beginning of the grazing season, but the fat supply in May is 3.5 percentage points lower than last year. Cumulatively, the shortfall is 1.94 percentage points.

Klaas van der Horst

Klaas van der Horst is a senior market specialist in dairy at DCA Market Intelligence. He also closely monitors developments in politics and agricultural policy.
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