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Plukon acquires third company in four months

April 29, 2024 - By our team of market reporters

Plukon acquires a company for the third time this year. The Dutch poultry powerhouse has taken over all shares of Sambau, a Spanish processor and distributor in Madrid.

This was reported by Plukon in a statement. Sambau has been active since 1986 and mainly serves the traditional Spanish poultry market. The company has 56 employees and achieved a turnover of €21 million in 2023. With the acquisition, Plukon aims to gain market share and expand in the region in and around the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Earlier this year, Plukon already acquired two companies. One of them, Redondo, is also based in Spain. Also, earlier this month, the slaughterer and processor Algas was incorporated, one of the largest players in the south of Poland.


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