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Plukon makes a major Danish move in meat market

May 2, 2024 - By our team of market reporters

Plukon Food Group remains very active on the acquisition path this year. After previous acquisitions in Spain and Poland, the meat company from Wezep is now making its move in Denmark. Plukon announces today (Thursday, May 2) that it is acquiring the company HKScan Denmark, which it describes as a leading poultry company.

Plukon has reached a preliminary agreement for the deal with the Finnish HKScan Corporation for the purchase. Plukon does not disclose the acquisition amount, but HKScan Corporation does on its website. The transaction involves an amount of €44.6 million.

With the announced acquisition, which still needs to be approved by the authorities, Plukon enters the Danish market. "We welcome Denmark as our seventh home country," said Kees Kraijenoord, CEO of Plukon Food Group, in a statement. "This strategic step not only perfectly aligns with our growth ambitions, but also offers us the opportunity to expand our market presence for poultry, meals, and alternative proteins throughout Scandinavia."

To supply a wide range of products
Explaining further, Plukon states that HKScan Denmark is a poultry slaughter and processing company that produces packaged chicken for consumer use and high-quality 'ready-to-eat' and 'ready-to-heat' chicken products. The company is based in Denmark and operates a slaughter and cutting plant in Vinderup and a processing plant for cooking, roasting, and packaging in Skovsgaard. The headquarters are located in Aarhus. HKScan Denmark has approximately 680 employees, and the revenue for the year 2023 is around €230 million.

Both Plukon, which had a revenue of €3.1 billion in 2023, and HKScan Denmark specialize in providing a wide range of fresh, frozen, and processed poultry products for retail, food service, and industry in Denmark and across Europe. HKScan Denmark mainly supplies fresh chicken products under its own consumer brand Rose Poultry to the retail sector in Denmark, as well as private label products and frozen products to markets in and outside Denmark, particularly to Sweden.

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