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Piglet price further down in interrupted trading week

May 7, 2024 - Wouter Baan

Now that the piglet prices have started to decline, it seems like the floodgates have opened. In the sense that the price drops are quite substantial.

The demand for piglets has logically not improved, now that the piglet prices are losing ground significantly from week to week. Pig farmers are holding back. As a result, the piglets are sometimes difficult to place, according to traders.  

In addition, this week the sales are interrupted by Ascension Day, which means there is extra supply pressure. At the same time, it is not as if the situation is critical. The export demand for piglets has also weakened in recent weeks. Both in terms of numbers and prices on the Spanish market, although considerably more piglets are heading that way this year than last year.  

Little confidence
In summary, it can be said that there is currently a lack of confidence. The only remedy for more willingness to place piglets among pig farmers is rising slaughterhouse prices. However, this does not seem likely in the coming weeks, also due to the reduction in slaughter days later in May.

Based on the data, the DCA BestPigletPrice will decrease by €2 this week to €75.50 per piglet. The German VEZG piglet price is not susceptible to price pressure for now and remains at €85 per piglet. There is a balance between supply and demand in the German market.  

Click here for an explanation from DCA Market Intelligence on the price listing. 

Wouter Baan

Wouter Baan is the editor-in-chief of Farmerbusiness and a market specialist in dairy, pork, and meat at DCA Market Intelligence. He also tracks developments within the agribusiness sector and conducts interviews with CEOs and policymakers.

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