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Meatable impresses with new executives

May 23, 2024 - Matthijs Bremer

Cultivated meat company Meatable appoints a new CEO. Co-founder Krijn de Nood will step down on June 17 and will be replaced that day by American Jeff Tripician. De Nood will remain a member of the management team. In addition, the company has managed to attract former CEO of Tyson Foods, Dean Banks, to the board of directors.

Tripician has 25 years of experience in the organic meat sector in the United States. According to Meatable, he brings a lot of expertise in supply chains, marketing of sustainable meat products, fundraising, and mergers. In his previous role, Tripician was the CEO of the largest grass-fed beef platform in the United States, Grass Fed Foods.

Focus on the US
The reason for the management change is the focus on entering the American market. The company considers it important to have a CEO who resides in the United States. De Nood chooses to remain active in the Netherlands at the Bio Science Park in Leiden. To successfully enter the American market, Meatable also appoints former CEO of Tyson Foods, Dean Banks, to the board of directors. The company remains based in the Netherlands.

In addition to the United States, the company is about to launch cultured meat in Singapore. Meatable wants to take this step first.

Matthijs Bremer

Matthijs Bremer is a market specialist in pork, beef, and poultry meat at DCA Market Intelligence. He also monitors the protein transition, keeping an eye on developments in cultured meat and meat substitutes.

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