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Weeks of truth for the pig prices

May 31, 2024 - By our team of market reporters

The revival in the pig market has not continued, although this was somewhat expected. In Germany, another slaughter day was canceled this week and the meat market has not gained enough momentum due to the rainy weather to bring about further price increases.

With the month of June ahead, the moment of truth has arrived. The market hopes that pig prices can still take steps to compensate for the high costs of piglets. That needs to happen next month, as the disruptive effect of summer holidays (which leads to a decrease in demand in the domestic meat market) is not yet a factor.

Good cards
The market already has reasonably good cards in hand. The supply of pigs is not excessively abundant and is likely to further diminish in the coming week, as is customary. Especially if no more slaughter days are canceled, the scarcity will likely be exposed more quickly. In addition, June has a major sports event on the agenda in the form of the European Football Championship in Germany. And later this summer, the Olympic Games in and around Paris. Danish Crown openly stated this week that they expect a boost in sales from this and other meat companies informally agree.

Weather market
The weather can make or break the meat market. If the sun finally breaks through and temperatures become summery, the demand for barbecue parts could be greater than ever. So far, due to the watery weather, there has been little grilling in Northwestern Europe. The KNMI weather forecasts predict drier weather, although it will remain cool for the time being.

We are waiting for sentiment to creep into the market. But like the weather, this is unpredictable and often elusive. At the moment, it is not enough for further price increases. Therefore, the DCA Market Price for slaughtered pigs remains at €2.15 per kilo and the price of live pigs at €1.69 per kilo.

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