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China increases pressure on import of pork from EU

June 17, 2024 - By our team of market reporters

China has initiated a so-called antidumping investigation into the import of pork and pork parts from the European Union (EU). The country had previously threatened to do this in response to the import duties imposed by the EU on electric cars from China.

This new step in the trade tensions between the two trading blocs could ultimately lead to export restrictions of European pork to China. The investigation, which reportedly started today (Monday, June 17), focuses on the full range of pork products, including meat as well as parts such as bladders, stomachs, ears, noses, and feet.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the investigation was initiated after local trading parties submitted a request for it. Potentially limiting European exports to China could be detrimental to the pork industry in the EU. The EU exports more than $3 billion worth of pork (parts) to China annually. Spain is a major supplier, accounting for about half of this export value.

Significantly Disrupt Pork Market
Restrictions on exports to China could significantly disrupt the pork market in the EU, leading to higher inventories and lower prices. China plays a crucial role in the European pork value chain by purchasing parts that have low demand in the European market. However, European stakeholders in the pork industry do not seem to be facing immediate export restrictions. China has indicated that the investigation must be concluded within a year, by June 17, 2025, and can be extended by another six months if necessary. Much will depend on how the political tensions between the two major trading blocs evolve in the coming period.

In addition to pork, dairy products from the EU are also on the list for a Chinese antidumping investigation.


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