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Market price pigs has run too far ahead of the music

June 21, 2024 - Klaas van der Horst

The pig market has not followed the optimism of the end of last week. The start of the German holiday season and considerable sales pressure are throwing a spanner in the works. The DCA Market Price 2.0 must retrace its steps.

Traders and also slaughterhouses that were cautious last week are being confirmed in their judgment. Exporters actually see no change in the market situation, which they describe as quite tough. Various signals have also come in over the past week that confirm this feeling. Exports are declining, some prices are showing a slight negative trend. The price of some parts is also slightly under pressure.

The fact that holidays have already started in five German states may also not have a positive impact on meat sales, at least not in Germany. Although some are of the opinion that the European Football Championship has boosted meat consumption somewhat.

The largest German slaughterhouse Tönnies does not see it that way. They mainly have pressure factors in view, including the bad weather of the last months. When it rains a lot, there is not much barbecuing. Dutch parties are currently aiming for an unchanged price, without the increase from last week, which was not paid by the slaughterhouses.

Based on the data provided, the price for slaughtered pigs is corrected by 2 cents to €2.16 per kilo. The price of live pigs remains unchanged at €1.70 per kilo.

Click here for an explanation from DCA Market Intelligence on the price.

Klaas van der Horst

Klaas van der Horst is a senior market specialist in dairy at DCA Market Intelligence. He also closely monitors developments in politics and agricultural policy.
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